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From building circular supply chains to managing the energy transition, the mobility sector is going through unprecedented transformation. To accelerate this progress, we harness the enormous potential of thermoplastic composite materials and technology, bringing lightweighting and circularity to the heart of the mobility sector and supporting the development of electric and hydrogen vehicles. Here is how.

Through our innovative use of Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing, we create lighter, stronger, easy-to-produce components. This approach enables local production, leverages the efficiencies of automated technology, and reduces time to market. Recognizing this technology’s ability to create a lower-impact, cost-effective series of components, we use every fiber of our ingenuity to maximize its benefits.

In line with our commitment to circularity, we have also developed proprietary recycling technology for thermoplastic composite materials. Our unique method retains the fiber length of composites, ensuring the material keeps its desired mechanical properties. In addition, we develop recycled composite materials, such as long fiber thermoplastics, and find ways to reuse these recycled materials in high-end applications.


Richard Janssen

Business Developer

Tessa ten Cate

Program Manager

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