Sustainable Buildings

Building a brighter future through the power of sunlight

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Within the Sustainable Buildings department, we use our expertise in optics, coatings, pigments & colloids, polymers and nano-composites to develop new solutions for optimized use of sunlight and solar heat in the built environment.
Our competences include material design, development, application, characterization and validation, experimental as well as theoretical and simulation assisted, on lab and pilot scale.

Innovative materials play a key role in determining the level of comfort, natural lighting, ventilation, energy consumption for heating & cooling, energy harvesting and CO2 reduction. By using our expertise in solution processed optical coatings and nanocomposite optical films we are able to develop new solutions for energy efficient windows and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

As a TNO affiliated research center, we offer to interested companies co-development opportunities, funding opportunities, contract research and product development and characterization/validation services. Our mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation and promote business within the region, in the Netherlands and in Europe.

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Eugène Veerkamp

Business Developer

Pascal Buskens

Program Manager

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