Product and Application Development of Recycled Thermoplastic Composites

Product and Application Development of Recycled Thermoplastic Composites

Brightlands Materials Center offers product and application development of recycled thermoplastic composite materials for use or commercialization by our customers and partners in mobility markets. Thermoplastic composite post-industrial or post-consumer waste is used as raw material and transformed into granular materials for injection molding or other molding technologies. 

The recycled materials allow users to increase the circularity of their products and supply chains. Brightlands Materials Center offers technical feasibility studies and manufacturing of first sample volumes for internal or market evaluation. Cost calculations and LCA evaluations are offered as well.

Brightlands Materials Center has developed a unique recycling technology that retains the fiber length of the thermoplastic composites in the waste streams. These so called long fiber thermoplastic compounds are a fast-growing material used for components and products able to withstand a demanding environment. The long fiber reinforcements not only provides unrivalled strength and stiffness, but also has a surprisingly good impact performance.

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