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What we do

Brightlands Materials Center is a mission-oriented and program-driven organization. Each program has a dedicated roadmap with a five-year, forward-looking horizon. Program year plans are defined and regularly updated through dialogue with industrial and academic partners, together with assessments of our in-house competences. Sustainability and circularity play a leading role in the definition of program strategies.

Brightlands Materials Center is part of an evolving ecosystem where scientific excellence, innovative applications, and solutions to societal challenges come together. As such, Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a meeting place to foster close collaboration with a global network of leading companies along the value chain, as well as renowned universities and institutes.

Our expertise

We works with talented scientists, technicians, project managers, and business developers who want to make an impact in our world. We are specialized in the following expertises:

  • Polymer science, with a specific focus on polymer physics (including the bulk properties of polymer materials and engineering applications) and polymer characterization (analysis of chemical structure, morphology, and the determination of physical properties in relation to compositional and structural parameters).
  • Colloid science, with a specific focus on the design, preparation (either through chemical synthesis or top-down preparation, for example via milling), and surface modification of nanoparticles, as well as the tailored integration of nanoparticles into polymers and coatings. This competence also includes interface science related to colloids.
  • Interface science, with a specific focus on the design and engineering of interfaces in fiber-based polymer composites.
  • Wet-chemical coatings, with a specific focus on the development, characterization, and performance validation of multifunctional and/or adaptive (nanostructured) solution-based inorganic/sol-gel coatings.
  • Materials modeling, with a specific focus on the development and application of simulation models (in particular, multi-scale and multi-physics models), for the purpose of studying structure-property relationships. This research is applied to the design and rational optimization of structural polymer materials and composites, mainly for our Sustainable Mobility research program.