HER+ – Elevate

The primary goal of Elevate is to develop heat-resistant pigments and cooling coatings that keep solar panels cooler under the sun. By implementing these innovations, it is projected that the annual yield of PV systems could increase by approximately 5%, a significant improvement given the losses incurred due to panel overheating.

The transition to renewable energy sources is critical in combating climate change, with solar energy standing as one of the most promising avenues. Solar panels, as pivotal technologies, harness the sun’s energy, converting it into electricity. However, their efficiency is often compromised by several factors, including the overheating of the panels during sunny conditions.

The HER+ (High Efficiency Renewable Plus) project is an initiative aimed at enhancing the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Funded with a grant of €1,000,000, this project focuses on the development of technologies that minimize the heating of solar panels, thus maximizing their electricity output. The project is managed by TNO, under the aegis of the Topsector Energie, a key player in the Dutch energy sector.

The implementation of heat-resistant pigments in the plastic frontsheets and the development of a special coating that reflects infrared radiation and radiates heat back into space are expected to reduce panel temperatures dramatically. This not only enhances the efficiency of the panels but also extends their operational lifespan by reducing thermal stress. The overall result is a potential increase in electricity production and a considerable cost saving in energy subsidies, with a projected saving of nearly €17 million under the SDE++ scheme, which supports renewable energy production in the Netherlands.


The partners in Elevate, alongside TNO-Brightlands Materials Center, incluse Sabic and Solarge.