SunSmart – The first affordable, energy-optimised window

SunSmart – The first affordable, energy-optimised window

December 1, 2020

Recently our new trademark SunSmart launched. SunSmart is the first affordable, sustainable, energy-optimised window, which has high visible transparency combined with autonomously switch (thermochromic), from solar infrared transmissive to blocking state depending on the temperature. This product is therefore perfectly applicable for efficient heat management in the built environment. And the best thing is that there is no visible color change in the window.

SunSmart is perfectly optimized for intermediate climates and outperforms other static energy-efficient windows. After successful lab scale optimization, pilot scale prototyping is under way.

Watch our animation below to see how our switchable SunSmart coating works, what its benefits over other energy-efficient glazing solutions are, what it brings for the end-user and how it contributes to a greener built environment.

Want to be among the first to offer customers affordable, sustainable, energy-optimized windows? Download our leaflet for more information or contact us.

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