Let’s innovate together with the Ministry of Defense

Let’s innovate together with the Ministry of Defense

October 1, 2019

On Wednesday 25th, sixty innovation specialists joined State Secretary Barbara Visser, Ministry of Defense for the signing of the strategic partnership agreement with Brightlands. As Brightlands Materials Center we are happy to be part of the initiative and in fact we have been doing some work already with the Ministry of Defense.

We have a joint project involving 3D printing with the Ministry of Defense

We have already taken on various projects such as smart earplugs. Together with the Ministry of Defense we have developed and tested materials that fit well over a long period of time and are not annoying in the ear. The caps are smart, with built-in electronics they mute the right sounds, but make a conversation with colleagues possible and thus improves the “situational awareness”. The shape is unique tailored to everyone’s ear and the first versions are printed on our 3D printers. In this video André Wijnveld explains our cooperation.

Are you interested to collaborate on our additive manufacturing with continuous fiber research technology?

Please contact: Richard Janssen, Business Development Manager

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