National Cooporation Agenda on Composites is available!

National Cooporation Agenda on Composites is available!

April 16, 2019

At the JEC World 2019, the sector presented the National Composites Collaboration Agenda, in close cooperation between the private sector, the public sector, research institutions, and the top sectors HTSM and Chemistry. For the first time, the innovation activities in the Netherlands have been combined in a single agenda at a national level, creating more unity and improved mutual alignment, putting the Dutch composites sector internationally in a stronger position.

Brightlands Materials Center is one of the Cooperating partners and was involved in the assembly of this Agenda. Part of the Cooperation is to collectively present the partners: this became reality by means of having our Composites NL booth at the JEC World 2019.

As part of launching this Agenda, Brightlands Materials Center was interviewed together with the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate, Ms. Mona Keijzer. During this interview Brightlands Materials Center stressed the significance of such an Agenda, as working together is key to future succes.

The role and expertise of Brightlands Materials Center in this Cooperation Agenda is to bridge theory and practice, resulting in faster development and shorter time-to-market. At the JEC World 2019 we showed our most recent progress for the Lightweight Autmotive program in the area of:


  • Physics based material models including long-term failure behaviour.


  • New adhesion test methodologies for hybrid materials; suited to validate modelling.


  • Methods to recycle continuous fiber reinforced composites for re-use in structural applications.
  • Design to recycle, using modelling and Adhesion tests


  • Fieldlab “Thermoplastic Composites” in which we practically validate our expertise gained in Recycling, Adhesion, and Modelling.

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Download the National Coorporation Agenda here.

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