Design and fabrication of injection over-molded flexible electronic demonstrator

Design and fabrication of injection over-molded flexible electronic demonstrator

December 9, 2020

Brightlands Materials Center, with its partners in project Flexlines, has designed and fabricated an injection over-molded flexible electronic demonstrator with high strength engineering thermoplastics.

High design freedom is presented in this demonstrator since the flexible electronics enables the applicability of product with significant curvature, also the integration between engineering thermoplastics and flexible electronics is realized by adhesion which offers an extensive freedom in product design and tooling design. The injection molded tool is designed to be suitable with different polymer based flexible electronics and different engineering thermoplastics, which is also simulated to offer an insight on the temperature and stress of electronics during the injection over-molding process.

Based on the simulation, electronics designers can optimize the design of their electronic circuits to maintain the functionality of electronics in injection over-molding process. The entire injection over-molding process is fully automated, and the injection over-molding cycle time of such demonstrator is in accordance to the typical cycle time of large scale injection molding consumer electronic casing.

Therefore, with the technology developed by Brightlands Materials Center and its partners, it is possible to have a one-step manufacture of flexible electronic product with designed geometry of structural support casing without assemble the electronics into the casing fabricated in a separated injection molding process.

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