October 29, 2019

Brightlands Materials Center will present several new application demonstrators of additive manufacturing with continuous fibers at the upcoming Formnext in frankfurt

Brightlands Materials Center will be present again in the new halls of the Formnext trade show. Brightlands Materials Center is an industry focused R&D center on polymeric materials and their applications. Our program on additive manufacturing with continuous fibers has two main goals: first, to increase mechanical strength and to design mechanical performance of printed components. In many cases, 3D printed polymeric parts do not have similar mechanical characteristics as their injection molding counter parts. Use of continuous fibers can solve that problem.

The second goal is to create 3D printed parts that have embedded sensors enabled by continuous carbon fibers. This allows monitoring of structural information from within the part. As such, a sensing 3D printed component can provide realtime information about the deformations it is experciencing during its use.

With our industrial partners we will show actual use cases both for improved mechanical performance and for embedded sensing in our booth. Follow us on Linkedin for more details on these during the show.

Come see us at Formnext in Frankfurt at booth 12.1-A27 from November 19th to 22nd.

About Brightlands Materials Center
Brightlands Materials Center is an initiative of TNO and the Province of Limburg and aims at bringing sustainable materials solutions to meet future industrial and societal needs. Visit our website for more information:

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