Opening Coating Pilot Line

Opening Coating Pilot Line

Save the date: October 10

For years the team has been searching for a smart solution to control the temperature and the comfort in households and office buildings. We have developed a smart coating which switches automatically to keep your home cool in summer, yet is transparent for solar heat during winter days. We are ready to take the next step in our development efforts: scaling the process to make demonstrator windows, which can be tested in the real building environment.

On October 10th we will be opening our Coating Pilot Line for smart windows. This launch marks a key milestone in the development of our ingenious coating SunSmart™ for smart window purposes. Please join us on October 10th on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen and already save the date in your busy schedules. We will provide you with more details on the program during summer.

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