CompositesNL hosted its first webinar on June 23rd

CompositesNL, the Dutch Composites Association, hosted its first webinar on June 23rd presenting an interesting program on the sustainability aspects of composites. Presentations were given in the very dynamic Pecha Kucha style, which is an exciting race-against-the-clock of 20 slides each shown for exactly 20 seconds. This resulted in focused and to-the-point presentations capturing the full attention of the audience.

Sustainability is one of the key drivers at Brightlands Materials Center and we presented both how our Lightweight Automotive and Additive Manufacturing programs contribute to this goal.

Sustainable thermoplastic composites are a key development as these are easier recyclable and can be re-used in higher value applications than typical thermoset composites. Our Lightweight Automotoive program includes recycling technology development as well as the unique thermoforming and overmoulding capabilities of thermoplastics. The program has custom-designed R&D equipment to support the thermoplastic composite industry with a unique approach to recycling, controlled size reduction, compression moulding, thermoforming and overmoulding. An important part of our technology developments is the supported by CAE modeling and testing facilities.

The sustainability impact of additive manufacturing technology has multiple facets. In the development of new pathways to circular products 3D printing enables local production and mass customization and thus eliminates long logistic routes, storage needs and waste of never used products. Additive manufacturing with continuous fibers creates lightweight composite products with product designs that have not been possible before. It crease flexibility in production because no expensive tools or molds are needed to be produced and delivered before a new product series can be manufactured.

For more information about our R&D technologies, reach out to Jos Lobee (Lightweight Automotive, or Richard Janssen (Additive Manufacturing,