Building Partnerships: Visitors at Brightlands Materials Center

Building Partnerships: Visitors at Brightlands Materials Center

July 21, 2023

Brightlands Materials Center welcomed an array of interesting individuals and organizations from different sectors in the last few months. From government agencies to multinational companies, these visits have enriched the exchange of ideas and fostered new possibilities for the advancement of sustainable materials and technologies.

Date: 13th April – CBS: Collaborating with the Campus

In conjunction with the Campus, BMC had the privilege of hosting a delegation from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The team at BMC’s Expertise Center for Globalization, renowned for its research based on business statistics, works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, publishing their findings in prestigious platforms like the ‘Internationaliseringsmonitor’. During this visit, discussions revolved around innovations, sustainability, and international trade. Representatives from prominent enterprises such as SABIC and NXP Semiconductors also shared their insights as guest speakers, enhancing the event’s significance. The visit proved to be a remarkable opportunity for BMC to bolster its network with various businesses and explore mutual interests, particularly in the realm of sustainability, digitalization, and productivity challenges within the corporate world.

Date: 14th April – Terrawaste: Forging Connections from Latvia to Brightlands Chemelot

A Latvian delegation, featuring Terrawaste, sought to acquaint themselves with the ecosystem of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The visit was a resounding success, as BMC facilitated connections with a range of companies and investment firms. The delegation expressed profound satisfaction with their visit, likening the campus to a ‘candy store’ filled with enticing prospects. Building on this fruitful engagement, BMC reciprocated with an upcoming visit to Latvia, focusing on the Institute for Solid State Physics and engaging with various enterprises.

Date: 18th April – TNO Business Developers: Fostering Synergy and Knowledge Sharing

The TNO roadmaps Sustainable Chemical Industries and Environment & Sustainability have been quarterly convening their group of business developers to explore TNO’s research and development activities. On this occasion, the spotlight was on BMC as they visited the Chemelot site. During the visit, BMC showcased their range of innovative projects, providing a comprehensive site tour with live demos. The gathering also featured a delightful indulgence in Limburg’s famous ‘vlaai’ and a warm reception, further solidifying the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Date: 12th June – VNO NCW: Embracing Innovation with Reineke Timmermans

Reineke Timmermans, spearheading Innovation and Industry policy for the Netherlands, visited BMC alongside representatives from Brightsite and UM (Prof Kim Ragaert). The visit proved enlightening as Ms. Timmermans discovered the diverse array of projects BMC is dedicated to. Notably, BMC’s work on developing solutions for the landfilling of windmill blades intrigued her, indicating potential avenues for collaboration in bringing innovative ideas to the market.

Date: 19th June – Biospeed Consortium: Exploring Circular Packaging and Recycling

The Biospeed Consortium, consisting of notable names such as L’Oreal, BIC, Lego, Forvia, Deloitte, and Michelin, embarked on a visit to Brightlands Chemelot Campus, exploring not only BMC but also Brightsite and the Chemelot site itself. Within BMC’s domain, the consortium displayed particular interest in BMC’s activities centered around circular packaging, thermoplastic, and thermoset recycling. This visit further reinforces the notion of collaborative efforts in driving sustainable solutions for the industry.

In Conclusion

These visits showcase our collective commitment at Brightlands Materials Center to foster innovation and collaboration with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. As we continue to engage with various entities, BMC keeps its position at the forefront of cutting-edge materials research, offering a promising future of sustainability and technological advancements.

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