New Anisoprint 3D Printers at Brightlands Materials Center

New Anisoprint 3D Printers at Brightlands Materials Center

October 1, 2019

Within the Additive Manufacturing program at Brightlands Materials Center two new “Anisoprint Composer” 3D printers were purchased. These devices (the Composer A4 and the Composer A3) enable the combined extrusion of thermoplastic polymer filaments with composite fiber placement. In this way mechanically reinforced products can be printed in a fully automated process.

“We are particularly happy with our new Anisoprint systems, because they offer such a high freedom in the choice of printing materials as well as the complete control of fiber deposition”, said Guy Bex, research engineer at Brightlands Materials Center.

State-of-the-art 3D printing systems

The availability of these state-of-the-art printing systems will facilitate Brightlands Materials Center’s research into additive manufacturing using continuous fibers, and accelerate the development of printed parts with added functionality. Besides the opportunity to mechanically reinforce polymer parts, exactly in those areas where the intended application demands it, other functionalities such a structural health monitoring or electromagnetic shielding, become achievable.

If you are interested to collaborate on our additive manufacturing with continuous fiber research technology please contact: Richard Janssen, Business Development Manager

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